Maximizing The Benefits Of Your Vacuum Sealer

If you are someone obsessed with vacuum sealing food, you must read further. Several vacuum sealers are available with a range of prices, usability, and ease of operation. Here is how a Commercial Vacuum Sealer from Berkel can help you in your home and make life simple and easy.

Extend Shelf Life – Eat Nutritious Food

  • Vacuum seal fresh food, dry fruits, meat, seafood and more like cheese, bread, sauces, and other gourmet food to extend shelf life.

Vacuum sealer has a chamber which can create a vacuum and fasten the bags to vacuum pack and store the food in. All that needs to be done is, set the plastic bag with food, inside the vacuum chamber to begin the sealing process, in a vacuum. The high-speed pump inside the sealer eliminates all the air in the chamber and the heat strip seals the bag. After the process completes the chamber opens automatically.

  • Food like flour, sugar, herbs, spices, baking supplies, wine, oil, and vinegar as well as important documents, matches, clothing, emergency kits, candles from damage. However, avoid vacuum sealing any sharp objects. Vacuum seal vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and others to prevent them from spoiling.
  • Ease the Sous-vide cooking procedure with a vacuum sealer. During Sous-vide cooking process food must not be in contact with air; hence, airtight seal bags prevent food from contamination. A Commercial vacuum sealer helps seal the Sous-vide cooking pouch. Prepare connoisseur food at home easily, with Sous-vide equipment and a good vacuum sealer from Berkel.
  • Save time by cooking food in large quantities and storing them. The vacuum sealer from Berkel helps in saving snacks prepared in bulk and use in the future. In winter, it is difficult to go out to the shopping malls and buy fresh vegetables for meals regularly. It is at this time you can store them for nutritious meals. Prepare sumptuous feasts and soups for winter, or when you go camping and preserve them in vacuum bags.

Vacuum Sealer

  • Entertaining guests are simpler when there is a vacuum sealer at home. Prepare food in quantity for a cocktail or a dinner party, seal the leftover food and freeze for future use. Reseal the economy cracker or chip bags after party to keep them crunchy and fresh with the Berkel sealer.
  • Prevent your children’s craft material from drying with a Berkel vacuum sealer. A vacuum sealer is a great tool to prevent pencils, crayons, play dough, confetti, and paints from drying up. It ensures a clean environment. Use the Berkel’s commercial vacuum sealer to keep craft materials safe and extend their shelf life.
  • You can vacuum seal and prevent your smart-phone, watches, as well as silver cutlery from corrosion and rust. Welders can prevent their tools like cutting rods, and other underwater tools from corrosion and keep them fresh.
  • When you go camping, vacuum seal clothes, essentials, cosmetics, compass, navigator, and first aid kit will protect and ensure fresh, clean supplies.


Berkel’s commercial vacuum sealer lengthens the shelf life of food by storing it appropriately in vacuum seal bags. Capitalize on your commercial vacuum sealer from Berkel and make life easy.

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