What is the Best Place for Last Minute Birthday Cake in Canada?

Okay you have planned the party. You called the clown and set up the decorations. You have rearranged the furniture (and put away the good china) and made sure to wipe down all the patio furniture.  You are definitely ready for this party.

But did you remember the cake?

Hey, it is forgivable. You have had to do so much: calling the caterer—or maybe cooking the meal yourself—and sending out the invitations and entertaining party guests.

But what about the cake?

It doesn’t matter the occasion, if you are celebrating, you can’t go wrong with a cake but sometimes you just need one at the last minute.  Maybe you forgot. Or maybe the occasion came as a bit of a surprise.  Whatever the reason, you need to have a cake ready to go—and one that suits the occasion as well.

Well, if that is the case, you could try to order a Dessert Lady at the last minute, but you’ll have many to choose from:


  • Coconut passion obsession
  • double chocolate cake w/ caramel crisp & coffee butter cream
  • matcha green tea tiramisu
  • strawberry napoleon


  • Banana cake w/ chocolate icing
  • vanilla cake w/ buttercream icing
  • chocolate brownie cake
  • carrot cake w/ cream cheese icing
  • lemon chiffon cake
  • strawberry shortcake
  • vanilla cake w/ chocolate buttercream icing
  • vanilla cake w/ lemon buttercream icing
  • vanilla cake w/ raspberry buttercream icing

Of course, any great bakery could handle cakes for a variety of occasions. These might include:

  • baby & maternity
  • bridal & bachelorette
  • birthdays
  • promotions
  • graduations
  • weddings and anniversaries

Just about any special occasion will do, of course, even something somewhat innocuous like getting a new job or even as part of a housewarming celebration.

Now, it might seem that any last minute cake might be difficult to come by.  In many ways this is largely true but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a cake for your party. Actually, you might also want to consider a selection of cupcakes for your party too. These can not only be a convenient option but cupcakes can also be a lot of fun and even personalized for each person in attendance.

Make sure, of course, you send out an RSVP.

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